When it comes to arranging the lights inside your home, their positioning can be absolutely crucial when putting a room together, they can create an atmosphere or completely destroy any that was there in the first place. Now you want to be able to set the mood for a room when you set up its lighting, so here are some tips from us to you in order to help you make the most of your lighting options!


  1. Place them around the edges of the room – putting your lights near the walls of a room will help spread the light around the room and especially if you have lights next to different walls, this will help to bring as much light as possible to the center of the room and really brighten it up!
  2. Don’t have your lamps too high up – having all of the lights in a room above everyone’s head can really bring the mood down because it can remove a lot of light from things that are lower down in the room, for the best results keep your lamps at mid-height if you can.
  3. Energy efficient light bulbs – do we really need to explain this one? It saves you money and helps you reduce how much energy you’re using, what more needs to be said?
  4. Size matters – if you’re choosing a bedside lamp to go on a little table beside you when you venture to the land of nod, obviously you’re not going to choose something massive, and if you need to light a large section of a room you wouldn’t go for something ridiculously small either. Think about how appropriate the lamp is for its place and its purpose.
  5. Brightness – much like with the issue of size, you need your lights to do their specific job, not to do every possible job. If you need something for your bedroom, obviously it doesn’t need to be as bright as it would if it were going in your living room. The fanciest light isn’t always the best suited light for your needs.