As we head into the winter months, we will be sending staff on training courses to ensure that we are the best that we can be.

During November and December, all site operatives will attend an Emergency First Aid course with St John Ambulance. Graham our QS has recently passed his 18th Edition and Craig is booked to attend the 18th Edition course soon.

We recently held a staff meeting and Phil Duignan from Holders Components Group came to give a presentation and demonstration on Casambi Lighting, ‘the most robust, future proof and cost-effective wireless lighting control solution’.

Using a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or any Bluetooth low energy enabled device for that matter, lighting can be controlled in any setting. Using the Casambi App, timers, scenes and groups can be applied, and the possibilities are endless. The lighting can also be controlled with a wall mounted switch, however, there is no need for new wiring with Casambi as the fittings communicate directly with control modules and devices via Bluetooth. Taking wiring out of the equation can reduce installation costs dramatically and makes Casambi a particularly attractive choice for retrofit applications or buildings where fitting new cables is a challenge or prohibited. There also savings to be made on the commissioning as anyone can do this.

We have recently installed a Casambi Lighting System in Oxford University’s Old Bodleian Library, shown below;

Please get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote for your new Casambi Installation on 01235 559358.